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When's the last time you went to a Fair?

Carol Tenwalde

So earlier this week, my cousin Tom asked me what I remembered about our County Fair? I'll relay my response in a minute but coincidentally today Atlas Obscura sent me this story about the competitive world of growing giant vegetables in England. You can read the full story HERE. Below are some pics to tantalize you!


Here are my fair memories: Being in 4H every fair was a hassle. Entering all the food contests and table setting contests and only occasionally winning a ribbon. My favorite though was showing off my flower arranging from flowers I grew. One year I was nursing these giant zinnias. They were huge! The day before my arrangement was due our neighbor fell ill. Unbeknownst to me, Gary, my 5 year old brother, went into my garden and cut all of my flowers for a bouquet to take to the neighbor. This didn't end well!!!!

So how about you, do you have an interesting fair story you'd like to share?

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