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Bridal Freshwater Pearl Statement Necklace,Statement Choker, Handmade, Multi-Strand, Multi-Necklace Statement

Bridal Freshwater Pearl Statement Necklace, Multi-Strand, Multi-Necklace Statement


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My dear friend just got back from Japan and brought me these beautiful freshwater pearls and I had to marry (no pun intended) together. So many of my brides tell me that they love the necklace they wore for their wedding but they never wear it again. So with these beautiful pearls and a gorgeous Titanium Quartz Nugget I made a necklace that can be worm multiple ways for multiple occasions. My favorite is the 16" choker that I attached the quartz pendant. You twist the 3 strands together so you can make it fit just about any neck. It is attached together with a 4" pearl loop. You can also wear it without the pendant. Secondly you can wear the strands untwisted with or without the pendant and lastly you can wear the three strands loosely as a sautoir. I think that makes about 5 permutations and that doesn't take into account your own creativity. If you have any questions or need some adjustment just let me know. So Chic for a wedding or your best jeans.

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