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About me

I am thrilled you are here - because I bet we have a few things in common.

You're either someone who is known for having a very individual style and likes to wear unique one of a kind jewelry that makes you stand out from the crowd or you just like to get compliments on your amazing jewelry finds.

Here is how I got started.

I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. It all started with helping my Dad create a One Eyed, One Horn Flying Purple People Eater costume. (Now you know how old I am!) Next, it was helping my Mom turn the American Legion into magical places for the local Dance Club. If I had known about the Guinness Book of World Records, I know I would have won for creating the most Kleenex carnations. As I got older, I fell in love with giving my creations to the people I love. There is no better gift to give or receive than that of something YOU have created.

Where I am now.

I have taken my latest passion of beading to the next level which is to create beautiful one of a kind statement necklaces using interesting combinations of gemstones, beads and fibers. But along the way I discovered that to really standout from other jewelry designers you need some thing that is unique and original. Through much trial and error, I invented a special twisted wire technique that I call The Twisted Sister. It makes a beautiful statement piece. Every necklace is an original!Β 

I offer Beautiful One of a Kind Statement Pieces for sale, Beading Classes and really fun Beading Parties.

How YOU can get involved.

If you're in the Palm Springs Area I offer classes or parties for 4 or more. I have done bridal showers, birthday parties or just a fun afternoon of crafting. I will bring everything you will need to make an amazing Twisted Sister Statement Necklace. Β All you need to provide is good lighting, comfortable work space and a little wine would Β be a great addition. Please contact me to set up a class/party.

Or, sign up for my Twisted Sister Newsletter so you will be kept up to date on my adventures and be the first to see my new creations and all sales! Be part of The Twisted Sister Adventure. Oh, and of course I would love for you to own one of my amazing pieces!