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Let's chase some rainbows!

Carol Tenwalde

Since moving to Arizona I have seen some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets....

If you would like to see them too just Google Sonoran Desert Sunsets and just look what comes up. Here are just a few examples:

Sonoran Desert Sunrise

 Sonoran Desert Sunset

I am sharing this because this beauty was triggered the other day when we had a magnificent thunder storm followed by a glorious rainbow but by the time I got my camera it was gone.  So I was intrigued to learn that there are such things that look kind of like a rainbow  with out the bow. They are called Firebows.  Here are a couple of examples:

You can click on the pics and learn what causes them but for me I like knowing they last much longer than rainbows so this Old Geezer has time to get her camera!

Thanks for all the positive feed back on my Vintage Button Choker. You now have options!  Click Pic for more details.

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

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