8 U.S. Town Names That Will Crack You Up.

8 U.S. Town Names That Will Crack You Up.

8 U.S. Town Names That Will Crack You Up.

I came across this article entitled 8 U.S. Town Names That Will Crack You Up.

And it reminded me of my college roommate Denise. We were the original Ike and Mike. Denise was a very short Italian with classic Italian features and I was a 5'11 Dutch girl. Denise was killer funny and one of the stories I remember most is about Denise's parents honeymooning in Intercourse, PA. I found this absoulely hysterical at the time but now thanks to the article above here are 3 theories on how it got it's name:

The town was originally known as Cross Keys and it didn't get its more colorful moniker until 1814. There are three prevailing theories as to how Intercourse was named, although none are as racy as its name indicates:

Theory One: The town had an old racetrack named "Enter Course" and in due time, the name evolved to "Intercourse." However, there’s little historical basis for this theory, and it may just be a modern justification for a potentially embarrassing name.

Theory Two: Intercourse may have been a reference to the town's location at the intersection of Routes 340 and 772.

Theory Three: The city may have been named as a nod to the close fellowship enjoyed among its communities of faith. Such social cohesion was vital to the region and may have been reflected in the town's name.

You can check out the 7 other crazy names by clicking the link above.

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