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A Few Questions To Ask Your Dad on Father's Day!

Carol Tenwalde

I'm on my way to visit my Mom and Dad.

This will be a tough trip as there are many family issues I need to deal with but with Father's Day just around the corner it made me think about all the things about my Dad that I don't know. So I thought I would share a few questions that you could ask that might help you understand your Dad as a man not just as your father. I was formulating this email with a friend over breakfast and she mentioned that her Dad had passed many years ago. If you aren't blessed to still have your Dad perhaps you would like to ask these questions of your spouse or your son. The message here is to get to know a person better.

  1. What Is a Favorite Memory of Your Dad?
  2. What Is the Best Advice Your Dad Ever Gave You?
  3. What Were You Like as a Teenager?
  4. What Was a Favorite Family Tradition When You Were Growing Up?
  5. Where Did You and Mom Go on Your First Date?

What did you learn? Please share. I would love to hear from you. The Twisted Sister Newsletter will be on hold for a few weeks while I am home but please feel free to stay in touch. In closing, here is my Dad receiving his 70th Military Service Medal. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Chat in few weeks,

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