A few things you don't know about Abe!

A few things you don't know about Abe!

A few things you don't know about Abe!

Before I get to my topic today I need to set the stage. The men in the Tenwalde clan did not get the Hairy Gene. My Dad and Brother's wanted to grow a beard in the worst way. Unfortunately when they tried their beard looked like one of those 70 fringe curtains with too much space between the strands. Plus my mother hated facial hair and would let you and anyone else know how she felt. She was so mad my Dad grew a mustache for my wedding and I now realize that I never dated anyone with facial hair. Isn't that weird? Especially growing up in the Hippie Era. 

Did you know that Abe Lincoln was the first President to have a beard? Here's the charming story behind his beard.

When you think of Lincoln, the first image that comes to mind is likely of a tall, thin man with a signature beard. But Lincoln actually spent much of his life clean-shaven, despite attacks by his political opponents who mocked his gaunt face and nearly emaciated frame.

The introduction of photography was a game-changer in politics, and Lincoln, a little-known politician who had served just one term in Congress, seized on the new technology to introduce himself to the American people. It was one of these photos that caught the attention of Grace Bedell, an 11-year-old girl from New York. After seeing his picture on an election brochure, she wrote to Lincoln and urged him to grow a beard to obscure his thin face, cheekily noting, “All the ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to vote for you and then you would be President."

Lincoln endearingly responded to Bedell and said that he worried some might see the change as a political ploy. He won without facial hair, but began growing a beard shortly before taking office — he even visited Bedell to show it off in person during a visit to New York. Lincoln’s beard became iconic, but it proved to be a short-lived trend. Only four other Presidents had full beards while in office, and the last was Benjamin Harrison, who left office in 1893. While we're on the topic of Abe, did you know he was I boxer? Really can't see that. Only President to have a Patent, First Pres on a coin, and the Gettysburg Address was only 275 words. So now you know!

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