A Fun Look Back at Slang!

A Fun Look Back at Slang!

A Fun Look Back at Slang!

I'd like to see some of these slang words reappear!

Recently a friend of mine used a phrase that I haven't heard in decades - Hot and Bothered! What's the big deal? Well this particular expression was banned in our home. I could occasionally slip and say SH-T but Hot and Bothered resulted in a soap in the mouth washout. As a preteen I never understood why Mom and Dad would get so upset. It didn't even have any swear words in it!

This got me thinking about slang and how it adds so much color to our language and how some of the old words of my youth should be brought back. Here are a few of my nominations:
Jake - Meaning you're cool. My Grandfather's name was Jake so he loved this one.
Phonus Balonus - Calling someone on their falsehood. In this day and age of Fake News it is so timely.
Giggle Water - Personal Favorite for Cocktails.
Zozzled - Too many Giggle Waters and you're Zozzled!
Twitterpated - So love struck you act foolish.
Throwing some Shade - My Current 2019 Favorite! Saying less than kind things about someone.

Would love to hear from you and share your favorite slang and stories!

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