A Fun Repressed Memory!

A Fun Repressed Memory!

A Fun Repressed Memory!

As a child I always wanted...

a treehouse. I never thought this was an out of line request as my Dad was a builder and he was always building us homes so why not one for me? We moved 13 times from the time I was born to the time I went to college. So cosmopolitan you might say, unless you knew it was all within a 15 mile radius. 

My treehouse idea was fraught with issues. The obvious one was that we never stayed very long in one place but the real issue was the tree. Dad would buy acres of cornfields to start a development. You don't have to be a farmer to know that cornfields don't have trees. After the home was completed we would landscape it. This is considered a giant tree:

Bird houses would have to do! It's funny now when I go back I see all those trees we planted that would make great trees for a treehouse.

I was thrilled last month when Atlas Obscura asked it's readership to send in their favorite treehouses. Here are my two favs:

You can see them all HERE.

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