A Heart Warming Story just in time for Christmas!

A Heart Warming Story just in time for Christmas!

A Heart Warming Story just in time for Christmas!
A new friend joined me the other day to help me ....
with my inventory for all of my upcoming shows. We had a delightful time and just knew we had solved all the world's problems. I said I felt like we were part of my grandmothers Quilting Bee but then I heard this story that has a very interesting twist.
There is a US Charity called the Nazarene Fund. Their mission is to give mental and medical help to abused Middle Eastern Women. The charity faced a huge obstacle with providing aid and therapy for mental issues. Mental Health problems are viewed as very shameful and women will not seek help especially from a foreigner much less a man.

So the Fund dressed female doctors up in ordinary clothing and armed them with yarn and knitting needles and drove them around in colorful vans to meet with these abused women in their homes under the guise of teaching them to knit. They not only taught them to knit but provided them with much needed mental rehabilitation ala Quilting Bee. Isn't this an amazing idea?

The Fund is in the process of buying the children's sweaters from these women and soon will be offering them in their store. If you wish to contribute or know more about this organization please click here. Here is a sample of their wonderful quality.
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