All This Time I Was Really Ashamed....

All This Time I Was Really Ashamed....

All This Time I Was Really Ashamed....

My Grandfather was a hoarder of sorts...

One day when I was 6 he came home with an upright piano. Honestly, it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. My Grandmother wouldn't let it in the house so it lived in the garage. My Dad wanted it in the worst way but my Mom would not hear of it.

Finally, my Grandfather donated it to my school. I was so embarrassed because it was so ugly and I didn't understand why it didn't look like my friends pianos. I thought it was because we couldn't afford a better piano.

Worse yet the nuns put I little plaque on it Donated by: Jacob Tenwalde. Every time I went into the music room I had to see that ugly beast.

OMG! All these many years later I find out that the ugly beast was actually a Steinway Victory Vertical or a G. I. Steinway. You can read the full story HERE but it was a specially designed piano that could be parachuted to our troops in WWII. Now I really am ashamed. 

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