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An Artful Twist on the Mundane!

Carol Tenwalde

This expression annoyed me to no end as a child...

My father was a perfectionist and always said this to me, "Carol, if you're going to do something do it right or don't bother." Sounds like sage advice so why did it bother me? Well, for one thing if I was told to do something I really didn't have the OPTION to not bother!  Not in our house.

I haven't thought about this for years until a few weeks back. I was visiting a new grocery store near my friend's home. I just couldn't believe the artful arrangement in the vegetable department. Let's face it, we have all been impressed with Whole Food's display but this was astounding.

Before I show you some pics you have to hear the story. I asked the grocer about why he was so meticulous and creative with his displays and he said, he was a Starving Artist and would much prefer to be painting but could not afford to. So he took his artistry to the radishes and green onions. Oh my, Dad's expression immediately came to mind. See for yourself.

I am off to create some colorful jewelry!



Let's chat soon,


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