And, I Thought I Was a Patient Person???

And, I Thought I Was a Patient Person???

And, I Thought I Was a Patient Person???

With so much time on my hands...

I started going through my closet full of picture albums. Talk about memories...

I have mentioned many times that my Dad, Bob was a master of making things. He really relished the things he made from nothing. Years ago when he bought his last development property it was in a very wooded area of Ottawa.  My brothers who  lived in town were tasked with cleaning up all the twigs from the lots. Needless to say there were mountains of twigs. Bob didn't want them to go to waste. So he decided to make twig furniture. Sadly I can't show you a pic of his favorite chair as someone is always sitting in it but it looked like this and it was surprisingly comfortable.

So today I see this article called The Furniture Forest. I'm thinking about our Twig Mountain but this is truly a patient visionary.

It all began with a Chair Farmer named Munro in England. Here was his big idea:

Munro wanted to change the way people think about manufacturing. It might take a day to assemble enough flat-pack furniture to fill a house, but the timber cut down to make it all needs decades to grow. Even the cheapest wooden chairs require a wealth of time to create. Munro’s big idea was that he would guide trees to grow into chairs, tables, and lamps that could be harvested right out of a field. 
I'll let you read this remarkable story Here but I will tantalize you with a few pictures!

Tree chairs grow with their legs in the air.

Gavin Munro in a field with a chair.

One of Full Grown’s prototype chairs.

Be Safe Everyone!

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