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Are you a great shopper?

Carol Tenwalde

I'm a terrible shopper. My friend recently asked me how do you know? Well, before my hubby became a biz exec. his family had a shoe biz and he did some of the buying. (First, discount shoe store in Boston I might add.)  So when we would go shopping together he was like a guided missile to the best stuff.  I would just wonder through the store and say there's nothing here.

Then I have this friend C. She shows up at our weekly Happy Hour with tales of her latest finds from our local thrift stores. Totally blows us all away. 

So, I love this story about "Dennis" a 2000 year old original Greek statue that was bought for $34.99 in 2018 at a Goodwill in Austin. Click Pic for the rest of the story!

There are 5 more terrific stories. I particularly love the Babe Ruth Vintage Playing Card in the Piano.

New Pieces! Treat Yourself! Click Pic for more detail!


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