Are you calling me Wacky? 😡😠😡

Are you calling me Wacky? 😡😠😡

Are you calling me Wacky? 😡😠😡

It's funny reflecting on an old family tradition and never giving it a second thought....

about it's wackiness. I've written many times about what a character my Dad was. His obsession with Halloween Costumes (HERE), Hand Painting a "No Diving" sign next to my brother's baby pool, I could go on and on. Yet  when I read this article about Good Luck Traditions from Around the World I just had to share this one. 

For Christmas one year my brother got a Pop Za Ball. He would play it for HOURS! 

Simple game where you  roll the ball up the slide and the ball pops up to be caught. My brother loved it so much he wouldn't let me play with it. Consequently, whenever any of us left the house he would say, "Win that Pop Za Ball!" I am not exaggerating when I say we did this for at least a decade or maybe more. It was our way of saying Be Safe and Hurry Back Soon! Kind of thought it was an appropriate saying for these times too!

So that brings me to other odd traditions: Carrying Fish Scales or an Origami Frog in your Wallet, The Magic of 8 or Spilling Water behind someone going on a trip. You can read all these fascinating tidbits HERE.

Lastly, I would love to hear from you about any of your peculiar traditions. 

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