Are You Familiar with this Quaint Custom?

Are You Familiar with this Quaint Custom?

Are You Familiar with this Quaint Custom?

Many of you know I use to live in Hawaii...

They have this quaint custom that can be quite charming once you get use to it but at first it can be really off putting. It is called Talk Story. Here is what I mean.

When we first moved into our home we had a local contractor come by to start on the "Honey Do List" that every new home has. He introduces himself as Sammy and asks me all the typical question. Where are you from? etc. Well, as someone who has inherited the Wobble Jaw gene from my Mother (Click Here for that story!) I go to town. But in all fairness I know how to play the game so I ask Sammy about himself.

The next thing I know my entire living room is covered in his whale paintings. My husband is apoplectic! Circling behind him pointing to his watch. I don't know how to shut him up!!! That is Talk Story and EVERYONE does it. There may not be trip charge but Talk Story Charge every time. You can't avoid it. No Talk Story? No Job!

So why do I bring this up? I saw this article about how the Aloha Shirt originated. This is near and dear to my heart as husband has a VERY  impressive collection of Aloha Shirts! You can read the full story HERE and I won't spoil it for you but let's just say it started long before this guy.

And it is a typical example of Talk Story. Everyone has a different take on the truth!

No Hawaiian Necklaces for you today but I do have this new colorful Beauty to show you!

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