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I Beg Your Pardon!

Carol Tenwalde

This is NOT Political - I promise!!!!

So we all know about the Presidential tradition of pardoning Turkeys at Thanksgiving but do you know how it started?

Back in 1926 Calvin Coolidge was given a RACCOON for Thanksgiving. The Mississippi giver promised Coolidge a "Toothsome" flavor.  The short story is Coolidge didn't want to appear ungrateful so he ended up pardoning it and his wife turned it into a pet "Rebecca the Raccoon". If you would like to read the full story click the pic.

I just can't imaging eating a raccoon but recipes can be found in Joy of Cooking my cooking Bible. I just can't get the phrase "You are what you eat" out of my head. I also connected you with one of my popular blog post - Coon Revenge

Don't know why but I'm starting to get the holiday spirit?


 Since Christmas is just around the corner I just had to include this. Be good to yourself! Almost everything on my website is on sale for Christmas! 

Let's chat soon,


PS If you know of anyone who might enjoy this romp, please sign them up HERE!

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