Boo Back At Ya!

Boo Back At Ya!

Boo Back At Ya!

Halloween is Bittersweet for me...

For those of you that have been following me from the beginning you might remember that Halloween is how I got my creative sea legs. My crazy (in a really good way) Dad, Bob loved Halloween. So much so that on the 4th of July we as a family would decide what our Halloween costumes would be.

The first costume I was old enough to work on was Dad as a One Eyed One Horn Flying Purple People Eater. I have spent hours on the Internet looking for something that resembled it but found absolutely nothing. Sorry!

So here is my favorite Halloween memory of all time. The year was 1965 and Dad decided the four of us would go as a bowling ball and three pins. We were all crazy bowlers  back then and the local Halloween Parade Committee upped the first place price to $100. (That's almost $800 in today's dollars.) We were all in.

Dad made the 5' pins out of balsa wood first. They kind of looked like giant hoop skirts only shaped like a bowling pins. It was my job to cover them with white paper and paint them to look like bowling pins.

Dad saved the bowling ball to last as it was the hardest to make but he did it. My brother Gary was to wear it as he was much smaller than the rest of us. Halloween is fast approaching and here comes the funny part.

My Dad was a builder and he built the pins and bowling ball in a spec house he was framing. The pins were finished and resting in the garage. The bowling ball was constructed but needed to be covered and was sitting in the living room of the spec house.

A week before Halloween, Dad was working a job out of town and unbeknownst to us the window installers came that day. When I got off the bus I saw that Dad's perfectly round ball was now trapped in the living room with no way out! Talk about a scramble!

We did it though and Yes we took first prize. I miss those days and of course my wonderful father. Let me know if you enjoyed this little ditty and next week you will have an opportunity to be a winner. Happy Halloween!

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