Can Tombstones be Funny?

Can Tombstones be Funny?

Can Tombstones be Funny?

No Death is Ever Funny.....

but sometimes the causes can be. (Kind Of?) When I was in first grade my desk mate ate paste. I could never understand it and in particular I didn't understand why the nuns got so up set. I mean veils exploding upset. It never dawned on me it would taste good???? So then I saw this article on Atlas Obscura:

AS THE STORY GOES, A vagrant wandering the streets of Goldfield in 1908 was rummaging through the trash outside the local library, looking for something to eat. The best sustenance he came across was a jar of book paste.
He would have found the paste surprisingly sweet, because in addition to flour and water, it was 60% alum. Unfortunately, the concentration was deadly. 
The legend continues to say that when the townspeople found the deceased drifter, he was buried in Pioneer Cemetery, which was little more than a dirt patch. The grave was topped with a headstone that stated what little they knew about him. It reads, “UNKNOWN MAN DIED EATING LIBRARY PASTE JULY 14 1908.”
Skeptics point to the fact that the grave’s red paint is very bright for being more than a century old. That being said, some ascribe the fresh paint to sympathetic cemetery-goers who regularly paint over the epitaph so that the unknown man can be remembered for years to come. Others say the whole thing is just a local prank. Whatever the case, the grave serves as a cautionary tale: don’t eat glue.

I doubt this will redeem me but my Dad's favorite expression was, "Hey, I  was't done talking!" We tried to have it on his tombstone but the church wouldn't allow it. It would have made visitors smile and that's what Dad would have wanted. Darn!

Here are a few new necklaces for my Fiber Arts Show coming up! Note the earrings are 3 inches but I can make them on smaller hoops if you like.


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