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Can you pine for a Tree? Tee Hee!

Carol Tenwalde

But here is something about the Meyer I did not know. The Meyer came from China around 1917. It was a huge success and spread to many backyards in California and Florida. But slowly Citrus Growers began to notice that nearby Orange or Grapefruit Trees would show some discoloration on their leaves and be dead a few days later. Once scientist figured out that the Meyer carried a very deadly virus (CTV) which the Meyer was mostly immune too. The Meyer became the Typhoid Mary of the Citrus Industry. Government Officials would go door to door and order the destruction of the Meyer and then follow up 2 weeks later to make sure they were removed.  It wasn't until 1976 thanks to UC Riverside that a virus free Meyer Lemon was introduced and Alice and Martha sang it's praises!

This is my most popular Spring necklace but sadly this is the last of it's kind as the bead seller I got the beads from no longer makes these beads. Be the lucky one to own this Last and Final!

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!
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