Can you see it???

Can you see it???

Can you see it???

This is Pictionary gone WILD!

I was never very good at Pictionary. Were you? When it came to board games I preferred games that had a low skill threshold. One of my favorites was Balderdash. If you're going on a family vacation and need a great way to be together and share tons of laughs this game is for you. But I digress...

My father had a great eye for seeing grandeur in ruins and that is why I was fascinated by this Atlas Obsura Article on the revitalizing of the ancient ruins. I hope you will enjoy it too.

Even in their ruined formed, the glory of the Parthenon in Greece and the Luxor Temple in Egypt draw myriad tourists every year. However, it can be hard to imagine what these buildings looked like in their dazzling original forms. That’s why Expedia recently showed off these GIFs that revitalize ancient ruins to their former glory. (Click Images)

Isn't this amazing? Click HERE to see all of the marvels. So I decided to do a little reverse engineering of my own.

I had this Twisted Sister Necklace that I made a couple of years back and I just was never happy with it so I decided to deconstruct it and start over. Let me know if you like it better.


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