Color Me Gray? No Way!

Color Me Gray? No Way!

Color Me Gray? No Way!

I pretty much fit the description of a Cancer to a tee. So I was interested in a PureWow article, "What color should you paint your bedroom according to your Zodiac sign?" I was shocked. I am a lot of things but Light Gray. No way! I love color. Even more shocking was my Scorpio husband's color - BLACK. OMG! You can click HERE to find your color but please come back there is more to know.

Then I saw this article about Roman and Greek Statues. Did you know that those lovely creamy, marble sculptures were once in color? Yup!  Covered in paint. Why? Because ancient artist and sculptors believed the perfect sculpture or painting is the one that duplicates reality the best. You can read the whole story HERE. As someone who loves color this made me uneasy.

I couldn't bring myself to look at  a colorized David or Pieta I have never had this reaction to color before. Would very much like to hear your thoughts on this subject.

As a color lover, I do struggle with it. My beader friend, Barbara Briggs also adores color and never shies away. She told me to look to nature when stuck. So I did:

Here is a Tropical Fish inspired Twisted Sister (I just didn't have the guts to put in the purple. Maybe next time:

BTW, If you are in love with Bead Embroidery you should check out Barbara's Amazing Kits HERE.


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