Coon Revenge!  Aargh!

Coon Revenge! Aargh!

Coon Revenge!  Aargh!

I'm too old for The Dog Ate My Homework Excuse...

but Gee Wiz it was just a small mistake! You may recall a few weeks back I told you about our having ISSUES with raccoons waking us up at 4 in the morning and my husband declaring war. But after my husband did his Rambo impression we thought a truce had been declared. As I like to say, Not so Fast, Bucko.

Meet the Beader Raccoon

Now that the weather has turned glorious I have been beading outside on the patio. I had a shipping/inventory mix up that I was scrambling to correct. I was working late into the night and just couldn't finish the necklace. So I left everything as it was and went to bed, figuring I could finish it in the morning and make a pair of shoulder dusters as a thank you gift for her patience.The next morning my husband wakes me and says, Coon Revenge. What?????
Sure enough, Beads, Tools, Findings, Wire everywhere. After practicing my four letter words and cleaning up. (I love digging beads out of cement seams!) I am relieved to find that the necklace itself is intact having fallen from the table to the chair. PHEW! I finish the necklace with time to spare to get it in the mail. I start to make the shoulder dusters and I can't find the bag of ear wires. This is when I notice other things that were in small baggies are missing too.The Raccoon was apparently in Easter Egg Mode as I found stuff around the corner of the house but no ear wires. Off to Hobby Lobby! Once again "Mother Nature Wins"!

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