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Do have any Color Baggage?

Carol Tenwalde

Recently a friend made a simple request....

Could you make me a navy blue necklace? Doesn't sound unreasonable but I said no! She was floored as I continued I don't have ANY navy blue beads. She has seen my wall of beads and was gobsmacked. I explained that I don't wear navy blue as it is a remnant (pun intended) of 12 years of wearing navy uniforms in Catholic school.  Here is a little tutorial on Navy Blue:

We have the Royal Navy to thank. After colonizing India and discovering the very versatile indigo plant. Indigo dye will dye ALL fabrics easily and it is very colorfast against sun, salt and water. Plus it is recognized as a color for strength and power. (Which I find interesting as a choice for uniforms! The last thing the nuns wanted was a powerful smart ass kid!)  Indigo was renamed Navy Blue. So now you know!

Some New Necklaces (Sorry No Navy!):


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