Do you Dior?

Do you Dior?

Do you Dior?

Little known Christian Dior Facts...

  A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.’ – Christian Dior Unlike many of his fashion contemporaries , Christian Dior was born into a wealthy French family. Dior was born in Granville, a coastal town in Normandy, France in 1905. His father was a wealthy businessman who owned a fertilizer company, and the family moved to Paris, when Dior was about five years old.  Christian Dior is one of the best known names in fashion and he has been accredited with bringing many new styles to women’s fashion. Initially though, women didn’t like his styles very much, because many of his designs used yards of fabric and covered up their legs, and below are ten more facts about Christian Dior, the master of shapes and silhouettes, that might surprise you:

  1. His parents wanted him to be a diplomat
  2. Christian Dior was inspired by architecture
  3. Christian Dior was very superstitious
  4. Dior once owned an art gallery and displayed Picasso
  5. He died of unknown cause at the age of 52
  6. Dior employed Yves Saint Laurent at 19 as a design assistant
  7. Dior designed dresses for Nazi officer’s wives while his sister fought for the French resistance
  8. He was accused of using too much fabric in WWII
  9. His creations were favoured by the rich and the famous
  10. He was the first couturier to license his designs. Critics said  he cheapened the Haute Couture industry.

Stay beautiful!

While I was home my mother gave me some of her Dior costume jewelry remnants. I loved these pieces. So I made this pearl motif using the earring and the rest in a necklace. What do you think? Love all your feedback.

PS My husband said, "I guess a guy that grew up in a fertilizer company would know something about what effects a woman's perfume had!" :)



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