Do you go Glamping?

Do you go Glamping?

Do you go Glamping?

My Dad loved to camp out...

So when a friend of mine told me today she went Glamping in Sedona this weekend I was all ears. Before I share her adventure I will take you on a short personal camping experience.

As I said my Dad loved to go camping and as kids my brother and I would put up with almost anything including being doused in OFF and sharing a sleeping bag. Anything to avoid cleaning house on Saturday. (A really unpleasant affair as my Mom was a working Mom and Saturday was Slave Day.)

This is not our camper but I swear it looked very similar. The only thing missing is the plastic baby wading pool out front with a "No Diving Allowed" Sign.

My Grandfather would always question why we would leave our lovely home to be with the bugs and outdoor plumbing? So this got me researching campers and RVs. It started in the 1920s with an organization called the Tin Can Tourist. 

Suddenly State Parks were jammed with campers but sadly it really took off during the Depression when so many people were out of work and lost their homes. It continued to grow in popularity until WWII rationing started and tin was in very short supply. 

But my Grandfather's musings keeps coming to mind, Why leave the comfort of your home? Well, did you know that in the 40's only half of the houses in America had indoor plumbing or hot running water? Camping really wasn't roughing it for most. I guess!!!

So let's advance 100 years from Tin Can Camping to my friend's Glamping. 

Hey! Where's the wading pool?

It was a Turquoise Week for Me! Like?


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