Do you love tulips?

Do you love tulips?

Do you love tulips?

It's time for a Spring Tale...

My grandmother had a beautiful tulip garden and we all waited for them to bloom. It was so breathtakenly beautiful. I could not wait to have my own garden. So when we bought our weekend home in Northern California the first thing I did was plant hundreds of tulips. Every Spring weekend I would check on their progress. They reminded me of soldiers standing at attention. On the third weekend of April I determined that next weekend would be the Grand Opening.

On Friday I just couldn't wait any longer so I left work early to drive up and this is what I found.

I was heart broken to say the least. Every year no matter what we tried the deer always won. So this is my version of Tulip Mania.

Speaking of Tulip mania did you know it was not the regular tulip that caused the 16th century Dutch tulip mania but instead it was the Parrot Tulip and the economic bubble/bust was  mostly a Dutch Calvinist propaganda campaign. Click the pic if you would like to know the full story. 

Some recent designs!


Let's chat soon,


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