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Do you think this is weird?

Carol Tenwalde

The following story brought back a childhood remembrance I wanted to share with you....

I'm noodling around the Internet looking for a story for this newsletter. I come across "Shark Girl" in Buffalo. It's a cute story about how she has become a social media phenom. You can read the full story HERE but it brought back a childhood memory and I wanted to know if you think I was weird?

I repeatedly had pneumonia as a child. Consequently, my lungs were very compromised. Our family Doctor thought it would be a good idea for me to blow up balloons to strengthen my lungs. So every Saturday mornings at my Grandmother's house I would blow up a tub full of balloons. Then what?  I'd go to my dress up closet and pull out one of my favorite outfits. Getting all dolled up and then would tie all the balloons together and head out to the street and parade to town hoping to stop traffic to take my picture. I kid you not but do you think I was weird or a budding Shark Girl before her time?

Don't know why but I'm feeling a bit Bubbly! Like? Holidays are coming - Treat Yourself!


Let's chat soon,


PS If you know of anyone who might enjoy this romp, please sign them up HERE!

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