Fun Facts to Share!

Fun Facts to Share!

Fun Facts to Share!

Don't you just love Easter???

Louis C. Tiffany, of stained-glass & jewelry fame created an Easter Tree

It shouts of new beginnings and great hope for beautiful things to come! I hope you are sharing it with friends and family. I thought my contribution for the the day would be some interesting factotums that you can share around the dinner table.
1. Did you know the most stolen book is the Bible? I guess the thief didn't get the do not steal part!
2. Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone but refused to have one in his office!
In 2002, a tree was planted in a park in Los Angeles in memory of Beatles guitarist George Harrison. The tree later died after being infested by beetles!
4.  Gary Kremen, the founder of, encouraged everyone he knew to join it, including his girlfriend. She eventually left him for a man she met on
5.  Charlie Chaplin entered a “Charlie Chaplin walk” contest… and came in 20th!

6.  Q-tips, which are bought primarily to clean inside ears, are sold in boxes that expressly warn: Do not insert inside the ear canal.” 
Hope you enjoyed and have a blessed day!

My Favorite Spring Twisted Sister!

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