Hey You! Stop Eating My Necklace!

Hey You! Stop Eating My Necklace!

Hey You! Stop Eating My Necklace!

You don't consider yourself an artist do you?

I recently joined The Sonoran Art League and the subject of being juried came up. I actually didn't know as an artist you could be juried. I only knew you could apply to juried shows and hopefully be chosen.

Honestly this kind of sent me into a tailspin as I really never considered myself an artist I considered myself a crafter.  My next fatal error was asking a non creative friend what she thought? "You just make adornments", she said. That hurt!

This brings me to the 500 year old Chinese Bagel Necklace that won a war with Japanese Pirates. So there! Adornments! Ha!

Here is the jist! The Chinese soldiers need a way to move quickly and swiftly away from Japanese pirates. They didn't have time to break for meals and the cooking fires would give them away. So General Qi Jiguang’s Bagel Necklace did the trick. Click Pic:

No I don't have any bagel necklaces to share but I do have lots of new items at: BlingBeadedBaubles.com
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