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Horoscope War is still RAGING!

Carol Tenwalde

I can't believe the Horoscope War is still going on after all this time....

My Hubbies birthday is coming up and it got me remembering back to the late 80's when I would read my horoscope every day. Honestly, I couldn't believe I was really a Cancer as there is no way to say this gently, I Was Boring! I didn't feel boring but my horoscope sure was.

Then I started dating my now husband, who is a Scorpio. Like so much in our early years, lots of things became a competition. Horoscopes were no exception. I would read mind to find out I would be cleaning the fridge and organizing my plastic containers while my partner would be having a torrid affair.

I swear to you, a great horoscope might be something that motivated me to go to a movie by myself. I just quit cold turkey. It was too depressing.

Now all these years later I get this horoscope blog from a friend and I'll be damned. This time it is cleaning out my closet and what's his name is meeting someone new and VERY exciting.  I am just done,  AGAIN! If you want to checkout your sign try Don't be mad at me if you don't like the results! 

November's Birthstone is Citrine. So I made this. Wouldn't Hubby look cute in this?

Happy combination don't you think? Not boring!!!!
Let's chat soon,
PS If you kno
w of anyone who might like this romp please sign them up HERE!

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