How a Great Story became a Whopper!

How a Great Story became a Whopper!

How a Great Story became a Whopper!

Two years ago I wrote about a very interesting women that had a dilemma...

Here is the back story: I woman at a luncheon told me about a necklace she found in her old farm house in 1940.The necklace dated back to a royal wedding in Austria in 1799 the Prince's name was Uttendorf. You can read all of the details by clicking HERE. But the essence was that the necklace was passed to the oldest daughter for generations when they married. Somehow it got buried in the old house in Ohio but when it was found her family continued the tradition. She wore it on her wedding day but her dilemma was that she had all boys and her grandchildren are all boys. No daughters to pass it on to. What to do? We discussed it back then but here is where it gets really interesting.

A few weeks back I decided to make another necklace as I had the sketch of the necklace I made two years ago. When I listed the necklace on my website for kicks I listed it as an Uttendorf design. Low and behold I was contacted by a lovely woman that is getting married soon to.....Wait for it..... An Uttendorf. Can you believe it?

She was researching the family name and somehow came across my necklace and the link to my original blog post. Absolutely amazing. I am currently working on a necklace for her that is more like the original sketch. 

Sadly, I have lost touch with the woman from the luncheon but wouldn't it be great if I could connect the two?

My Original Design:

My Latest Version:

Let's chat soon,


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