How a little ole Tiny word can set me off!

How a little ole Tiny word can set me off!

How a little ole Tiny word can set me off!

This weekend I must have heard the word Tiny a 100 times?

So what is the big whoop Carol? When you are a big person words that never apply stick out in your mind. Now granted this word really rubbed me the wrong way as women were using this word to justify why they don't wear jewelry. (Ridiculous in my opinion!)

Being Wobble Jaws I had to explain that the only time Tiny was used in reference to me was when I had a root canal and the Dentist said I had the Tiniest Canals he had ever seen. Lucky me! I won't go on. So let's get to the good part.

Since 1975, Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography Competition has attracted photographers and scientists interested in showcasing miniscule wonders. This year’s winning entries, drawn from the work of more than 2,000 participants in 88 countries, reveal that the very, very tiny can still have a startlingly large visual impact.

I was amazed by the beauty and color of these everyday objects. Here are two of my favs and if you click the pics you can see all of the winners. Don't miss the cucumber skin....

Can you believe this Beauty is a Tapeworm?

Embryonic Ganglion

Doing the opposite of color I reworked a Twisted Sister. Do you like it?


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