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How can smiling be bad?

Carol Tenwalde

My Dad was wise beyond his years and his education. He had a clarity to living your life that I sorely miss and sadly I really think we could use some of his sage insights. When we were kids and we were sad or angry my Dad would say just smile. It will be a massage for your face and your heart. Try smiling and staying angry. I think it is impossible.

Everyone in my family is blessed with a beautiful smile and when my parents needed a name for their LLC we called it The Smiling Tens!  We also got a kick out of the irony of my summer job all through college. I worked at the front desk of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island with the following sign:

Trust me by the end of the summer we were sick of this sign! Needless to say, I was upset with the following New York Advertising Campaign:

You can click on the image above if you want to hear their side of the story but it just saddens me that  a wonderful childhood memory is tainted.  So not to be undone, here are two necklaces that everyone who wears them says: "They make me and everyone around me smile." (Note: Love Sale still going on until 2/15.)


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  • Pam on

    How ridiculous. Some people want to take offense at every single harmless comment. I shudder to think what the world will be if they all get their way. “Smile—you’re on Candid Camera” sure sounds funny as “Hey, DON’T Smile—you’re on Candid Camera”! Sheesh.

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