How can something so good have such a lousy title?

How can something so good have such a lousy title?

How can something so good have such a lousy title?

In this time when we are all trying to be good stewards....

and human beings I saw this article that brought back some wonderful memories that I wanted to share.

First a little background, my Dad had an enormous sweet tooth. So much so that his mother, my grandmother who babysat us, on Fridays would bake up a storm. The storm included at least one triple layer cake, 3 - 4 pies and cookies. (Needless to say this is how I learned to bake.) The pies were my favorite.

My grandmother couldn't drive and we lived out in the country and the grocery store was too far away to walk. So many of the Fridays she had to improvise by using common ingredients from the pantry. Sugar Cream Pie and Ritz Cracker Mock Apple Pie were my top two choices.

It kind of saddened me to learn these were called Desperation Pies because we loved them so much and we thought we were being so inventive. You might be interested in reading the full article on using pantry staples HERE and please don't miss the Slugburger!

I have been asked to create some Desert Botanical Jewelry for an up coming Art Show at the Sonoran Art Gallery. What do you think of this?

Be Safe Everyone!

Let's chat soon,


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