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How do I get Advanced Style?

Carol Tenwalde

If you are a Twisted Sister than you have....
Advanced Style. My friend sent me this delightful clip about Iris Apfel and others that are in their 90s and still love to dress and recreate themselves with color. As you know, I am in love with color and just had to share this with you but first. Why I love color.
It all started with my second grade teacher, Sister Bertha. After taking a test we were told to color the pictures. I colored the pig blue because I didn't have a pink crayon. She admonished me saying Pigs aren't Blue! Standing in the cloak room for an hour was my punishment. Got to love those nuns! Ever since I have been drawn to any method of making colorful things that don't involve painting or coloring!!! Not such a bad curse??? Making jewelry brings me so much joy and I hope this holiday season you will consider giving some of my jewelry as gifts for your love ones or yourself. Enjoy your 20% Discount Coupon - SISTERS at checkout.   I hope you enjoy this video. Happy Holidays.
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