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I am not saying I am proud of this but....

Carol Tenwalde

I am not an animal lover but how I got here makes perfect sense. My Mother was the youngest of 13 and grew up on a really poor farm during the Depression. Animals were work and a necessity not pets. When my Grandfather asked me to help him milk the cows my Mother literally had a cow melt down. 

My Dad like my Hubby loved/loves ALL animals. Growing up we always had dogs but they were outdoor dogs. (Got to keep Mom happy!) Classically every time I would touch the dog Mom would scream "Go Wash Your Hands!" Well it doesn't take long to realize it's easier to just avoid the darn thing! So that's my story but why am I telling you this?


I'm noodling around the internet looking for interesting tidbits for this email and what do I find but a coffee table book dedicated to 105 Beauty Shots of ..... Wait for it ,,,,, COWS! I kid you not . The author Werner Lampert wrote The Cow - A Tribute. You can go on to read the full story HERE about how cows love poetry and much more. But just look at few of these beautiful photos:

I don't have any cow jewelry for you but I do have a few new choker designs!

Let's chat soon,


PS If you know of anyone who might enjoy this romp, please sign them up HERE!

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