I am SOOOO in trouble now!

I am SOOOO in trouble now!

I am SOOOO in trouble now!

My husband absolutely hates it when I do this....

Hubby is an incredibly private person so you can imagine how upset he gets when I write about him in these blogs. I wouldn't but he is such good material I can't help myself. Plus, when I do write about him I get so many funny stories about your husbands. So Sorry Hubby but here goes.

My husband was and is a fabulous dresser and he looks so good in color. But when he moved out from Boston he was in his Celebrated Brown Period. I swear every thing he owned was brown. My gal pals and I set out to fix that.

Every occasion that called for a gift we all bought him colorful clothes. If he got a red sweater we would march into his closet and extract a brown sweater until brown was gone for ever.

Alright Carol, what does this have to do with jewelry? Well, not so fast. This story was triggered by what is coming next. Those of you that follow me on Facebook know I am addicted to articles and videos that take ordinary objects and turn them in to works of art. So this will not disappoint.

Henry Hargreaves a photo artist loves the intersection of food and war. Don't ask me why such a grim topic but what he has created is so beautiful  It is called Mushrooms to Mushroom Clouds. Take a look!

Aren't they beautiful and did you catch they are mostly BROWN? So you guessed it, I made some brownish jewelry!

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  • Carol: July 13, 2018

    Thanks Doll! We certainly had some great times together!

  • Sandi: July 06, 2018

    Please give Richard a big hug from me! You two were the best hostess couple on the planet to me and am inspired by you two to this day!

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