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I can say with certainty it will be embarrassing!

Carol Tenwalde

Coming from a family of bowlers you wouldn't think I would be dreading....

My friend is having a Bowling Birthday Party next week for her husband. It's a big one ending in a zero. The truth is that I am not looking forward to this in the slightest. When was the last time you bowled? This number also ends in a zero and it's not 10 or 20.

I have visions of one gutter ball after another. I can't commiserate with my niece as she will just tell me to look it up on YouTube. Her answer to everything. My Hubby is worthless as we are in the same sinking boat. So I will postpone my humiliation and entertain you with this bowling trick video from 1948! Click Here. 

I made this today for my Hidden in the Hills Show this weekend.  Like? Always love your feedback.

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