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I had no idea! Did you?

Carol Tenwalde

I attended a great lecture on Fashion's Influence On Women's Self Image....

Many of the topics I have written about here in the past but here are a few surprises. We all know about the Edwardian and Victorian Corsettes and how painful they were to wear.

But I didn't realize the size of the waist was actually dictated by the Queen. She pronounced the waist must be 17 inches. 

The lecturer passed around a circle that was 17 inches in circumference. This really had a visual impact on all of us. So since I can't pass you a picture here is a picture of one of my chokers that is 17"s around.

My thighs are bigger! But what I didn't realize was that women back in that era had their lower ribs remove so the hour glass was easier to achieve. Can you believe it with the way medicine was back then????

Then a friend reminded me of the high fashion models that removed their back molars to achieve the sunken cheek affect. What's wrong with us? I thought we were making progress!!! But wait it gets worse.

Before I tell you I have to be my mother. Whenever I go someplace crowded and there are lots of young people I will shake my head and say, "What was she thinking?" With the muffin tops and butt cracks etc. 

Now that I have gotten that off my chest it is so shocking that a recent poll stated that 80% of 4th Grade Girls said they were on a diet. I'm still mad about all the hot fudge Sundays I never ate at the Dairy Queen when I was a kid. I would love to hear from you on this travesty. 

Next weeks Newsletter will be funny! I promise!
Did you know the Pantone Color for 2020 is Chartruese?


Let's chat soon,


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