I had to REALLY try to be FUNNY!

I had to REALLY try to be FUNNY!

I had to REALLY try to be FUNNY!

My week started out so wonderfully and then SMACK....

Last week when I promised you fun and funny I had no idea it was going to be so difficult. This Coronavirus has us all rattled. Today listening to the Governor of Az. on the radio I missed my turn off for my street just after wrestling a women in the store for two cans of tuna fish. But lo and behold I found something if not to laugh but at least to smile about this Virus.

A few days ago in an Italian town near the epicenter of the virus outbreak residents awoke to startling surprise.
 When residents turned on faucets and showers, a rush of fizzy, crimson liquid splashed into sinks and tubs.

Initially alarmed but a familiar fruity odor—violets, strawberries, fresh plums, and cherries—lured them closer. The liquid proved a mix of water and sparkling red wine. Specifically, it was Lambrusco Grasparossa from the nearby winery Cantina Settecani. 

Locals reportedly responded to the development by filling all available empty containers. The situation was eventually resolved when it was discovered a worker had switch the water and wine valve at the Winery.

I love what the mayor said to CNN, “At a time when we have very little to smile about, I’m glad we could bring some levity to others.”  Sweet!
As I said earlier my week started out great by taking a Fiber Clay Sculpture Class. Here is what I started with:


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