I Have This Fun New Design Idea. Want to Help?

I Have This Fun New Design Idea. Want to Help?

I Have This Fun New Design Idea. Want to Help?

It's hard to believe I am going to say this....

The holidays are just around the corner. As an online jewelry seller, I have been busy building inventory (Fun), tweaking my Social Media (Not Fun) and Optimizing my Website (Not even listed on the Fun Chart). But what does this have to do with me you might ask? Well, even thought you aren't thinking about Holidays, I am thinking about it for you.

In a few short months you'll be consumed (In a good way) about your family and close friends. Little or no time for yourself. Sooo....

Why not take advantage of this pre-holiday downtime and have me design something for 
YOUBut where would I even start?

Here is my idea. A few weeks back my friend Gail sent me these beautiful pictures of the The Milky Way. Scroll through and see if any of the color combinations jumps out at you and I'll design a necklace for you. No obligation it you don't like it I'll just list it in my shop. What do you think? Here is an example:

Here is my version:

Please click on the photo below and let me know which photo you would like me to use to design your necklace or bracelet and we will start a conversation. Can't wait for the inspirations! Hope you at least enjoy the photos.

Let's chat soon,

Visit: BlingBeadedBaubles.com

PS If you know of anyone who might enjoy this romp, please sign them up HERE!


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