I Just Can't Imagine!

I Just Can't Imagine!

I Just Can't Imagine!

Today I decided to wear something other than what I like to call my Covid Uniform!

(Yoga Pants and a Tee Shirt) Seriously, you would have thought I was parading around naked by the comments I got from everyone including strangers. This got me thinking about the Fashion Police.  FP is a modern term but they've been around forever. Remember going to Catholic school and having to kneel on the floor to make sure your skirt touched the ground? (Would love to hear your tales!)

Remember the Puritans in the Colonies in the 1600? I always thought the rules were put in place to keep women under control but it turns out that was part of it but it had a more moral religious bent. 
Dressing in a simple manner meant avoiding the sins of pride, greed, and envy, especially for women. 

But one of my favorites is, in New Jersey, by 1670, it was illegal for a woman to “betray into matrimony any of His Majesty’s male subjects, by scents, paints, cosmetics, washes, artificial teeth, false hair, Spanish wool, iron stays, hoops, high-heeled shoes, or bolstered hips.” And if they did? The marriage would be “null and void.” Oh, and they would be punished exactly as if they had been convicted of witchcraft or sorcery. Think about this the next time you put on mascara! You can read the full story by clicking the pic below.

This Is Another Beautify I Made From Cheryl's Buttons. Do You Like?

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

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