I never thought of myself as particularly weak willed....

I never thought of myself as particularly weak willed....

I never thought of myself as particularly weak willed....

I've mentioned to you so many times that my Dad, Bob could build, make or fix anything. So much so that I thought all men could do the same. Then I met Richard, well that's another story and a totally different set of strengths... I can remember as a child watching Bob tinker and massage his blue prints of his next housing additions. It never occurred to me to ask him how he learned to do blue prints. It's not like you could just Google It!  When he was off working, I would take scraps of his draft paper, some of his tools and try to design doll houses. He was always encouraging and helping me with design elements and correcting my mistakes. We (he) ultimately built the doll house for me and I remember it as being magnificent and I would kill to have a picture of it today. I wonder whatever happened to that house? Do young girls still play with doll houses?

When I turned 15, I wanted to be an architect and build things like my father. Dad didn't discourage me but he didn't encourage me either. Instead he started taking my brother into his fold. Unfortunately, Gary had little to no interest but it didn't stop Dad. Later he tried my to recruit my brother, Mark but that didn't work out either. As you all know, after graduating High School my choices were Nursing (I'm a fainter), Get Married (No way) or a Teacher. So I became a miserable HS Math Teacher. I managed to claw my way out of this after two years and really have never looked back until I read this story about Marie Curie.

We all know Marie Curie was the first to be awarded two Nobel Prizes but do you know the obstacles she had to overcome?

1. 100 years before I went to college she was born Polish in Warsaw. It was illegal to speak Polish in Russia.
2. Born a woman - It was illegal for woman to be educated beyond elementary school.
3. Universities banned all women but this didn't stop Curie.

She and her sister later fled Russia to Paris where she and her sister took turns attending college. While in Russia they attended "Flying Universities". Which were clandestine schools that moved from place to place so the Russians couldn't find them.  You can read the whole miraculous story HERE.

Does this make you feel Whimpey about Male Female Stereo Types too?  Please let me know.

How about some fun Fascinator Headbands! There so fun!!

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

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