I really wasn't expecting this....

I really wasn't expecting this....

I really wasn't expecting this....

Being bored out of my mind I chose a different walking route....

Here in Arizona we joke that each housing development's color scheme is 50 shades of taupe. So I was very surprised to see this territorial style house all tricked out in Haint Blue. This color has a long and interesting history. But first the back story.

This all started as a child with my favorite blue dress. When I would wear it to my maternal grandmother's house she woulds mutter "That Haint Blue dress again!" and she would make a face. I was never sure whether she was saying Haint or Ain't Blue. My mom was no help. She just said Granny just doesn't like blue and that was the end of it.

Years later I had a sales rep from South Carolina and she enlightened me on Haint Blue. You can read the full fascinating story HERE but suffice it to say it has a long history stemming from the production of indigo to combating “haints” and “boo hags" or evil spirits. 

Here are a few Haint Blue necklaces. Good to know they will ward off evil spirits. Maybe even a Virus!!! Let me know if you like them? Click Pic for more details.


Be Safe Everyone!

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