I recently thought about playing the Ukulele again?

I recently thought about playing the Ukulele again?

I recently thought about playing the Ukulele again?

That was until I went to my first group lesson. I played in highschool and we all know that was back in the Dark Ages so what did I expect? Before I went I watched a ton of YouTube Videos and I thought I was at least alittle refreshed. I would like to say I've never been so humiliated but those who know me well know my Humiliation Bar is quite low.

I come home from Senior Strummers feeling very discouraged and coincidentally my good friend sent me this article on A Babies Perserverance! Click Pic!


Being the brand-new humans that they are, babies aren't experts in anything, right?

Eh, not so fast.

However unconscious they are of their own expertise, babies are arguably experts at learning, We grown-ups tend to complicate the learning process with a whole host of emotional and psychological complexities—negative thinking, unrealistic expectations, shame, embarrassment— which cause us to give up when learning a new skill gets hard.

But babies? Babies just learn, without all of that baggage. And there's a lot we can learn by observing them.

Rather than get frustrated and give up after it wasn't working, she kept at it. Without speaking a word, she says with her actions that she's determined and confident that she can do it. She hasn't learned yet that failure is frustrating or embarrassing. All failure is to her is a stage of the learning process.

Maybe I should give her my Ukulele! 

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