I See!

I See!

I See!

Did you have this Ah Ha moment as a kid? (Click Pic)

I remember this moment as if it happened last week. Unfortunately, for me it didn't happen until I was 7. Here's my tale and I would love to hear yours. As many of you know I'm tall and the joke in my family is I came out of the womb at 5 feet! Being tall as a child meant that you had to sit in the back of class. Nun logic! Do you remember being taught to read from those huge flip charts with the print being about 1 inch tall? 

Meanwhile contrast that to the math flash cards.

Note the difference in the size of the characters? I'm convinced this is why I excelled at math and to this day hate to read out loud in public. Talk about old baggage!!!!

When I got my glasses in second grade I marveled to my mom, "Wow, I didn't know trees have leaves!"

Since I wrote last week about my lack of luck I have to tell you something great that happened this week.  Once a week I meet with a group of gals and we take turns doing a show and tell. This week my friend Cheryl from London brought specially for me a bag of vintage beautiful buttons from the 1940s. It turns out that her neighbor and gal pal, Gloria parent's were Circus performers. I never really thought about it but back then circuses didn't have costume departments so performers had to make their own costumes. 

Here are just two of the over 80 year old buttons I made into brooches for Cheryl as a thank you. What do you think of them? More to come! BTW Cheryl Cocroft is a terrific mystery writer. You can check out her books HERE!

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

Happy Holidays and Let's Chat Soon,
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