I think there should be Master's Degree for Housekeeping! See if you agree!

I think there should be Master's Degree for Housekeeping! See if you agree!

I think there should be Master's Degree for Housekeeping! See if you agree!

I'll admit I am cranky today but I hope you will stick with me!!!

This #MeToo Movement is driving me bats. As the hubby says, It doesn't take much! ARRGHH! I promise this is not a political piece but something that should be passed on to younger gals. I feel we are in the mess we are in because the younger generation doesn't appreciate how far we have actually come. Here is just one example:

IN 1929, TWO YEARS AFTER piloting licensing began in the United States, there were 9,098 men licensed to fly, and just 117 women. Women who flew were often characterized as “girl pilots,” while newspaper reports focused on the color of their hair or how they balanced aviation with housekeeping. Are you kidding me?

Amelia Earhart organized the first ever Women's Air Derby starting in Santa Monica. From the very beginning everything focused on Sexism. Female pilots couldn't fly their own planes if they were deemed too powerful and had to fly ones with less horsepower. Can you imagine?

Will Rogers called it the Powder Puff Derby. I am not going to go on and on about this. You can read the full story HEREAmelia went on to start the Ninety-Nines which was a women's aviation organization that trained, supported and advanced the causes of female pilots.

What is you point? My point is that this is just one of thousands of examples of women striving and achieving equality. With clear goals and tons of hard work and effort woman have made such amazing strides. As my Grandmother always said, Impossible is I'M POSSIBLE. What is happening now seems like another pathetic attempt to gain attention for what end? My two cents.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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