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I thought it was just a Cabbage on a Stick. Who's the Dope?

Carol Tenwalde

Living in Honolulu was not the Garden of Eden we thought.

You would think on a beautiful island where everyone speaks English it would be easy to fit in. I won't bore you with all the cultural differences which made it difficult to assimilate but I will give you one funny example of just not getting it.

On my morning walks, I would stroll in a beautiful park with breathtaking ocean views. In one part of the garden there was this weird plant that looked like it was in jail. It was surrounded by iron bars and locked just like a human jail cell. Occasionally I would see a "gardener" dressed in a hazmat suit. I would ask him what he was doing but he just ignored me. Stupid Haole!
I can't find a pic of the jail but here is the plant.

I just called it Cabbage on a Stick! Little did I know that it was an almost extinct plant and that it's twin was living on Kaua’i’s Coast.

The gardener was trying to pollinate the plant. Okay call me a dope!!  Turns out that there are many almost extinct plants that don't make enough pollen to procreate so scientist have created a Studbook. This book is a cross reference to suggest pollen from similar species that might stimulate plants to make pollen.

I don't have any jeweled cabbages for you today but I do like this Peridot Twisted Sister. Do you? Always love your feedback.

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  • Patricia Carberry on

    Hi Carol – Did you move to Hawaii?

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