I was rooting for LOVE!

I was rooting for LOVE!

I was rooting for LOVE!

We've all heard this expression and kinda cringed (If you're female)...

"Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman."

 As I mentioned last week, I've been looking for information that would be helpful for brides. Well, it is amazing the stuff you find that is killer interesting but you would no more share it with a bride to be than sharing your chewing gum. Eeuw!

But there is no reason I can't delight you with this not so delightful tidbit. First let me introduce you to Bibi and Poldi, the Galápagos tortoises that have been together or over a 100 years! Great love story? Think of what they have been together. But 7 years ago they broke up and it rocked the zoology community.

Sadly, no one knows why. One day a keeper approached their shared home, only to see Bibi rear forward and bite a large chunk off of Poldi’s shell. She drew blood. And that as they say was that. Every time Bibi sees Poldi she hisses at him! You can click HERE to read about all the things they tried to get them back together.

So I am still in need of some great love stories, if you have any I would love to hear from you and thanks in advance. Next week I will have some romance tips from Abe Lincoln!

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